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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are information technology systems and functions that manage and assess production from the plant-floor through the business enterprise.

Key Benefits
Connect the enterprise to the plant for greater visibility and control
Reduce lead time and manufacturing costs
Increase production throughput and product quality
Reduce efforts involved in compliance and governance

Key Capabilities
Tracking and traceability
Performance/Yield monitoring
Quality and Defect Tracking
Management of Work-In-Progress (WIP) and inventory
Flexible routings with rules enforcement
Automated data collection

E2i is able to assist our clients in migrating stand-alone systems toward an integrated solution that is scalable and configurable, enabling an incremental approach to deployment within the facility.

Because E2i has knowledge and expertise with both production (controls systems, process equipment, material handling) and business enterprises (financials, supply chain) we are able to effectively integrate these processes together with a Manufacturing Execution System.