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Batch Systems

Thousands of manufacturers use batch management software solutions to improve quality and increase production in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, pulp and paper.

Batch systems allow you to create, manage and execute recipes for your products.  From simple batch processes (where only the formula changes for different products) to complex batch processes (where equipment is shared dynamically across an enterprise) batch systems provide a systematic approach to manufacturing.

E2i has created numerous batch applications for many popular platforms, including FactoryTalk Batch, Proficy iBatch, and Wonderware InBatch.  E2i's software programmers have developed phase logic, programmed PLC ladder logic and have optimized recipes for processes.  Our software engineers have also written custom applications using Oracle and SQL to report batch data for process improvement and business decision making.

In addition to automation, E2i provides an array of computer system validation services,   including development of equipment-phase software specifications and commissioning protocols to ensure that your system operates as specified.