Systems Integration Services since 1990

E2i is an innovative, industry-proven systems integrator which leverages decades of experience to deliver a "one-stop shop" approach by our highly skilled employees.

Our integrated suite of services develops the best possible client solutions by applying the latest industry technologies to the size and scope of complex projects:

We are headquartered just one hour south of Chicago since 1990 with additional offices in Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania and the greater New England area. E2i works with clients across the country to deliver the results they require to meet their goals; providing measurable, timely and specific performance-based expertise.

Our culture, structure and leadership encourage and attract people who are capable and passionate about leading, building valued relationships, fulfilling our client's specialized needs, and going above and beyond expectations. Our top performers are ones who ask the right questions at the right times. They are the ones who can put themselves in our client’s shoes and understand the big picture. They constantly hunger for something more.